Ritah Kaggwa Denounces Payment for Seth’s School Fees as Bruno K and baby mama Vanessa Reconcile

Renowned social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa has denounced payment for Bruno K and baby mama Venessa’s son Seth’s school.

A year back, Bruno K and his baby mama Vanessa bitterly fell out after the latter claimed the former was a deadbeat father.

Despite the challenges they faced, the two managed to reconcile, and have since agreed to co-parent to raise their son Seth.

In a social media post made by Bruno K, he revealed that he has been reading several comments from critics after announcing that they were working on music together.

He acknowledged that Vanessa is the mother of his son and she will always be his friend despite their past animosity.

Vanessa, Ritah Kaggwa, Bruno K

I don’t care what social media says the most important thing is that we are friends and happily raising our son the rest is background noise. Going forward, am here to remind you that we worked on a project titled “Akuzalira Omwana” dropping today at 4 pm. Hit the link below to subscribe to my YouTube channel and also be the first to listen to this amazing piece. God bless you all.

Vanessa’s decision to make peace with Bruno K didn’t sit well with blogger Ritah Kaggwa, who had pledged to foot her son’s school fees when the singer had failed to fulfill his fatherly duties.

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At this very instant, Ritah Kaggwa decided to cease paying the fees any longer, relinquishing the responsibilities to Bruno K.

Ritah clarified that Bruno K’s intention is to utilize Vanessa to improve his public image, however, he does not have any genuine intentions towards the baby mama and their son.


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