Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) Addresses Reports of His Brother Charles Wa Asia's Death


YouTuber SB4 born Rogers Ssebunya has dispelled rumours surrounding the death of his brother and TikTok sensation Charles Wa Asia.

These rumours had been circulating on social media for several days, originating from a fake Facebook page masquerading as SB4 media.

The news of Charles’ alleged passing saddened many netizens, prompting them to seek clarification from SB4 his brother.

However, SB4 swiftly refuted the rumours on his official Facebook page, stating that they were completely false and baseless.

He made it clear that the account responsible for spreading the news was fake and not affiliated with his brand.

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SB4 reassured everyone that Charles was alive and well, urging netizens to report and block the page that had started these unfounded reports.

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It is important to note that Charles gained fame through his hilarious skits on TikTok alongside his late female colleague, Asia.


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