Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa Bids Farewell to Next Medi After Dedicating 8 Years of Her Service


Renowned journalist Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa Kitaka bid farewell to Next Media Services on the weekend of January 13, 2024.

After eight fulfilling years at Next Media, Rukh Shana anchored her final news bulletin on Saturday evening.

Expressing her gratitude, Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa acknowledged the experiences and relationships she had cultivated during her journey. She emphasized that these years not only shaped her professional media path but also served as a profound personal exploration.

Collaborating with a diverse and talented group, Rukh Shana expanded her perspective and gained an appreciation for the richness of their unique viewpoints within the newsroom.

As she embarks on new ventures in her life, Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa expresses both excitement for the opportunities ahead and a sense of nostalgia.

Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa

During her farewell event, Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa received a warm goodbye from her colleagues, who hugged her and shared positive remarks before cutting a cake.

Kin Kariisa, the Next Media boss, expressed heartfelt gratitude for Rukh Shana’s incredible dedication to Next Media over the past eight years.

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He commended her hard work and commitment, acknowledging the significant impact she had made. Kariisa assured her that the company fully supports her new initiatives in the world of new media and looks forward to witnessing the amazing things she will achieve in her new role.

This weekend, I bid farewell to an incredible chapter of eight fulfilling years at Next Media and nearly two decades in the news anchoring arena; I’m grateful for the experiences and relationships cultivated during this journey.
These years have not only shaped my professional media path but have also been a profound personal exploration. Collaborating with a diverse and talented group has broadened my perspective, allowing me to appreciate the richness of our unique viewpoints within the newsroom.
I’m excited to share that I’ll be transitioning fully into a new role, embracing the world of new media to amplify my passions—faith, family, firm, and an unwavering commitment to principles close to my heart.
This shift is more than just a career change; it’s an invitation to step out of my comfort zone and showcase the person I’ve become through the ages. As I embark on this new chapter, I’m both thrilled for the opportunities ahead and nostalgic.
Here’s to new beginnings, continued growth, and staying connected in the digital landscape.
Rukh Shana Namuyimbwa


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