Sammy Da Mighty Family Allegedly Arrested


Da Mighty Family comedian Sammy real name Sammy Okanya was allegedly arrested.

According to reports surrounding the comedian’s arrest, he was nabbed while carrying out his duties in Nairobi Kenya.

The reports indicate that the comedian, who is also known for his political criticism, was arrested in Kenya, although the exact reason for his arrest remains unknown.

It is worth noting that the comedian has been openly critical of the ruling government over the years, and some reports suggest that this may have played a role in his arrest.

Sammy Da Mighty Family

On the other hand, some sources suggest this could be a planned stunt by Sammy and his colleagues to gain public sympathy, as he has a history of such actions.

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At this point, we are awaiting further details about his arrest and cannot confirm or dismiss the allegations. Only time will reveal the truth of the matter.


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