SB4 And Ann Taylor Humorously Quash Break-Up Reports in Viral Video


Renowned media personalities Rogers Ssebunya alias SB4 and Ann Taylor have humorously dismissed rumours of a breakup in a recent video.

For days, speculation circulated that SB4 and Ann Taylor had split shortly after the birth of their set of twins.

The rumours began when Ann Taylor announced on live television that she had left the marriage, choosing to keep the reasons private.

Later reports suggested that the couple’s relationship had ended due to SB4’s alleged infidelity with a woman named Asha Love based in the UK.

Ann Taylor, SB4, Roger ssebunya

Today, the couple appeared in a video enjoying lunch together, appearing happy and inseparable.

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SB4 shared the video with a caption expressing gratitude to supporters for their prayers and fasting, which seemed to have helped mend their relationship.


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