Shakib Cham Shares Surveillance Footage Of How a Thief Made Off With His Bag | VIDEO


Shakib Cham has recently shared a video showcasing the unfortunate incident where he was robbed by one of Pallaso’s associates.

Zari Hassan’s husband expressed his disappointment on social media after his bag, containing valuable items, was snatched by an unknown individual while he was at a local supermarket.

Shakib Cham claims that a member of Jose Chameleone’s entourage pointed out someone named Benja, who happens to be a friend of Pallaso.

Despite reaching out to Pallaso, the singer stated that he doesn’t have close friends and is always accompanied by people due to his celebrity status.

Shakib mentioned that the supermarket employee promised to provide surveillance footage the following morning, hoping that Pallaso could identify the culprit.

Shakib Cham

This morning, a video has been released showing Shakib at the supermarket, capturing the moment the individual disappeared with his bag.

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The footage reveals Shakib and a friend attempting to locate the thief, but their efforts are in vain. Now, we eagerly await the outcome of this situation.


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