Shakib Cham's Baby Mama Tusiime Jalia Cremy Accuses Him of Being a Deadbeat Father


Socialite Zari Hassan’s husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya is currently facing accusations of being an irresponsible father by his baby mama Tusiime Jalia Cremy.

Before his marriage with socialite Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham had a previous relationship with Tusiime Jalia Cremy, with whom he shares a son.

However, according to Cremmy, ever since their relationship ended, Shakib has neglected his responsibilities as a father and has failed to provide for their son.

Cremmy disclosed that since Shakib started his relationship with Zari, their son has been subjected to constant attacks due to the choices his father made.

She further revealed that whenever their son is targeted, she feels compelled to confront Shakib instead stating that their son is innocent and did not choose this situation.

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Cremy went on to insult Shakib Cham, labelling him as a useless smart wire boy with no responsibility.

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“Someone should tell this ki useless smart wire boy SHakib Cham whenever they insult my kid I will be coming for him instead because my son is innocent and he never chose this but sincerely I can never tolerate a deadbeat dad never.”


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