Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu Explains Why She Keeps Her Family Off the Public Eye


Media personality Shanitah Mazzi Mawanvu has opened up about her decision to keep her husband out of the public eye.

In Uganda, it has become a common practice for celebrities to maintain privacy when it comes to their personal lives, especially their romantic relationships.

Sharing her own experience, Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu explained that she chose not to flaunt her marriage on social media because she noticed that many users tend to attack people’s partners.

Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu firmly believes that marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals and should not be flaunted for public validation.

According to Shariah, as long as both partners are happy together, their relationship should not be influenced by public opinion. She emphasized that her main priority is to protect her husband’s dignity and she has no intentions of changing her stance.

Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu

Sharitah Mazzi Mawanvu expressed her desire to avoid unnecessary conflicts on social media, both for herself and her partner. She firmly believes that innocent children should as well not be subjected to online attacks and criticises those who engage in such behaviour.

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She stressed that while some individuals may refrain from sharing photos of their children on social media, parents often do so out of joy and pride. Unfortunately, they are often discouraged by negative comments from social media critics.


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