Spice Diana Features Nemesis Jenkins Mukasa’s Replica in Mind Your Business Video

Spice Diana has chosen to feature a look-alike of her nemesis, Jenkins Mukasa, in the music video for her latest song “Mind Your Business”.

The Source Management singer’s decision to feature Jenkins Mukasa’s replica in her music video showcases her strategic approach to conveying the message of the song. By using a replica of her nemesis, she effectively highlights the theme of the song, which directly addresses an individual who constantly criticizes her.

In the lyrics, Spice fearlessly confronts this person, emphasizing her readiness to put an end to their negativity. Despite the potential consequences and the fear of speaking up, she is determined to stand up for herself and assert her boundaries.

By featuring Jenkins Mukasa’s replica, Spice not only adds an element of intrigue and drama to the music video but also sends a clear message that she is unafraid to confront her critics.

It is evident that the song is specifically aimed at the media personality, with whom Spice Diana has recently been engaged in a heated exchange.

The public feud between the two has been widely covered in the media, and Spice Diana’s decision to address the situation through her music further intensifies the narrative.

Spice Diana, Jenkins Mukasa

The offer of 3 million Ugandan shillings to feature in the song, made by Spice Diana during a public statement, was a bold move to challenge Jenkins Mukasa directly.

However, his refusal and suggestion to donate the money to her father’s critical condition in Mpererwe did not deter Spice Diana from pursuing her vision.

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By employing a look-alike of Jenkins Mukasa in the music video, Spice Diana cleverly circumvents his refusal and still manages to convey her message effectively. This creative approach allows her to maintain control over the narrative and assert her power in the situation.

Have a look at the video below;


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