Spice Diana Has No Kind Words For Jenkins Mukasa, Vows to Gift Him a Car to Save Him Boda Bodas


Singer Spice Diana did not hold back in her scathing criticism of media personality Jenkins Mukasa, who she claims has been relentlessly attacking her in the media.

She openly voiced her strong disapproval of his conduct in interviews, pointing out that he is in the same age group as her father, therefore criticizing her is illogical to her.

Not stopping there, Spice Diana went on to accuse Jenkins of attempting to sabotage her flourishing career by deliberately preventing her from securing lucrative gigs.

This allegation suggests a calculated effort on his part to hinder her progress and success in the music industry.

In addition, the talented singer hinted at a possible motive behind Jenkins’ actions, insinuating that his behaviour may stem from a deep-seated jealousy towards her achievements.

Spice Diana

She pointed out the stark contrast between her own success, which has afforded her the luxury of owning multiple cars, and Jenkins’ reliance on Boda Bodas.

Spice Diana went on with her scathing critique by issuing a stern warning to Jenkins, demanding that he stay away from her.

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She even went as far as threatening to harm him if he were to approach her. This strong statement underscores the intensity of her frustration and the seriousness with which she views his actions.


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