Spyder MC’s Concerns: Music Critics’ Impact on Ugandan Music Scene


Spyder MC raises concern about the adverse effects music critics may have on Ugandan music

Spyder MC, a veteran rapper in the music industry for over a decade, gained recognition earlier this year with his hit song “Birooto”. He has consistently advocated for quality music and an industry that supports all artists.

In a recent interview, Spyder MC expressed his concern about the negative impact of music critics on the Ugandan music scene.

He highlighted that these critics often hinder progress by attacking musicians with differing viewpoints while favouring others, leading to an imbalance in their critiques.

Moreover, Spyder pointed out that some critics seek attention and followers by being abusive and taking sides, rather than providing constructive feedback.

Spyder Mc

He emphasized that many of these critics lack musical experience and intellectual depth to comment on the industry.

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Spyder firmly believes that with such individuals influencing the industry, the Ugandan music scene still has a long way to go.


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