Ssenga Justine Nantume Unhappy With Makko Williams For Taking Possession of Her YouTube Channel


Actress, singer and TV/radio personality Ssenga Justine Nantume has voiced her dissatisfaction with Makko Williams, accusing him of stealing her YouTube channel.

She revealed that she was initially encouraged to start the channel by Anna Talia Oze and Makko Williams himself.

She had been so supportive towards the cause, as she provided Makko, with a camera and assisted him with transportation and other needs during shoots.

However, Ssenga’s disappointment arose when she started receiving reports about individuals attempting to hack her channel due to alleged explicit content.

She traced these incidents back to Makko, who was the admin of the channel. Concerned about the reputation of her channel, Ssenga confronted Makko about the issue, and he agreed to address it.

Ssenga Justine Nantume

In the aftermath of this incident, Ssenga advised Makko to remove the explicit videos and expressed her disappointment when she discovered that he had renamed the channel from Ssenga Justine Nantume to M Willz Media. This move further deepened her disappointment and frustration with Makko’s actions.

Ssenga Justine Nantume expressed her disbelief and sadness, as she had considered Makko as her own son.

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She never expected him to behave in such a manner and felt betrayed by his actions. Despite her disappointment, she wished him well in his future endeavours.

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