Superiority Battle; Pallaso and Ugaboys Trade Insults


Pallaso and the singing duo of the Ugaboys over the weekend engaged in a heated online exchange of insults, seemingly battling for superiority.

The conflict arose when the Ugabouys appeared on Galaxy TV and criticized Pallaso’s latest collaboration with Jamaican dancehall artist Konshens, claiming that the self-proclaimed King of the East failed to deliver and dismiss the song.

Pallaso, not taking kindly to the Ugaboys’ complaints, retaliated on his Twitter/X handle. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ugabouys, whom he referred to as two Amapiano “Wana-Be” clowns, stating that they have never and will never create a successful song, therefore their opinion on his music is irrelevant.

In response, the Ugabouys stated that they do not require a hit song, but rather focus on creating good music.


They also acknowledged and appreciated Pallaso’s musical contributions since 2005, but pointed out that he only achieved a hit song in 2014 with the release of “Katika”.

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The two parties went on to throw daggers at each other, as seen in the attached tweets below;

Uncle P nawe onyiiga mangu.
As Ugaboys we simply don’t need a Hit song ,we just need good music,
Nevertheless we still acknowledge and appreciate you musically since 2005(katika) but instead u delivered a hit song in 2014 (moreover a collabo, why). NOT EVERY RECORDING IS A SONG https://t.co/48tEznmIM0 pic.twitter.com/jQIC6zASMG

— UGABOYS AFRICA (@Ugaboysafrica) January 28, 2024

Old upcoming Niggaz think its my duty to jumpastart failed careers. 😅 Tebakyalipila Boda Balipila nze. Pallaso Konshenz Want money trending 💯

— Pallaso (@pallasomusic) January 28, 2024

Our style of music right now ,some so called OLD CATS in the business just can’t relate, u are dissing what u can’t execute, Kati nno nebyemuyimba tubajjukiza nti nabyo tubisobola, Actually our next release should be dedicated to u bro. Awo style yo ojisigalemu oba nayo ojiveemu.

— UGABOYS AFRICA (@Ugaboysafrica) January 28, 2024

Mwe temuja funa masanyalaze. Big up fresh kid for trending. Olabisa abebilevu

— Pallaso (@pallasomusic) January 28, 2024


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