Tamale Mirundi Junior apologizes to Ameria Nambala

Tamale Mirundi Junior has today apologized to singer Ameria Nambala over recent verbal attacks.

Recently Ameria Nambala revealed that Mirundi Junior has been targeting her family and children, despite these matters having no relevance to him.

She believed that there were individuals who were providing Mirundi Junior with information to attack her, although she was still unsure of the reasons behind it.

Despite Ameria’s allegations, Tamale Mirundi Junior insisted that everything said about Ameria was true.

He claimed that Ameria’s failed marriage was a result of her lack of discipline and indecent dressing, leading her husband to leave her for someone who could match his reputation.

Ameria Nambala

Earlier today, however, Ameria linked up with Tamale Mirundi Junior in a meeting that was mediated by the latter’s father Tamale Mirundi Senior.

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It is here that Tamale Mirundi Junior issued an apology to Ameria Nambala, and the two buried the hatched.


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