Tamale Mirundi Rushed to Kisubi Hospital Grappling With Low Blood Pressure | VIDEO


Tamale Mirundi was reportedly admitted to the hospital yesterday, January 13th, 2024, after experiencing a sudden episode of low blood pressure.

Earlier in the day, Mirundi had been seen reconciling with his son, Mirundi Junior, at the office of city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu. However, his health took an unexpected turn, leading to his hospitalization.

Fortunately, Mirundi’s son was present at the time of the health complication and promptly rushed him to Kisubi Hospital through the emergency section for immediate treatment.

According to reports, Tamale Mirundi is currently under the care of health experts who are working towards stabilizing his blood pressure and restoring his health to a normal state.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that upon his arrival at the hospital, Mirundi was unconscious and required intravenous fluids and other necessary medical interventions to normalize his blood pressure.

Tamale Mirundi

Based on a video obtained by this website, Tamale Mirundi can be seen connected to life-monitoring machines, which are being used to closely monitor the functioning of his organs and blood circulation.

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As of the time of publication, limited information regarding Minrundi’s well-being had been collected. However, we are actively striving to stay updated as additional particulars come to light.


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