Tenge Tenge’s Parents Refute Claims of Son’s Mental Or Physical Challenges As Well As Dumping Rumours


Rango Tenge Tenge’s parents Mr. Edrisah Kikomeko and Mrs. Aisha Namuli have refuted allegations of abandoning their son and denied that he faces any mental or physical challenges.

Recently, Rango Tenge, real name Saad Ssozi, was taken back into the custody of his parents, who removed him from his manager, with whom he had been creating entertaining videos online.

Today, while addressing the press, Mr. Kikomeko and Mrs. Namuli provided an update on their son.

They shared that Tenge is the fourth child in their family and highlighted his intelligence despite not attending school.

Mr. Kikomeko also mentioned that despite Tenge’s unique physical appearance, he is completely healthy.

Rango Tenge Tenge, Mc Mariach, A Pass

Mrs. Namuli expressed her disappointment with MC Mariach’s recent comments about her son’s body, stating that she was deeply affected by them.

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The parents emphasized that their son is both mentally and physically well, with no history of any health issues since birth, dispelling any rumours about Tenge Tenge’s stability in these aspects.


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