Tikoker Mikey Seems 2 Funny Thumps The Vulgarity Out Of Dr. Cephco At Influencers Boxing Match


On the 10th of February 2023, a highly anticipated boxing Influencers Boxing Match took place between the well-known Tiktokers and content creators, Mikey Seems 2 Funny and Dr. Cephco.

This match, which was aptly dubbed the “Influencers Boxing Match,” was organized with the intention of settling the long-standing rivalry between these two individuals within the confines of a boxing ring.

Prior to Mickey and Cephco stepping into the ring, there were several other fights that took place, involving various fighters.

After all the rounds of the Influencers Boxing Match had concluded, it was Mickey Seems 2 Funny who emerged victorious, much to the delight of his fans.

Mikey Seems 2 Funny

He was officially declared the winner and celebrated his triumph by embracing his opponent, Dr. Cephco.

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Nevertheless, following the boxing match, Dr. Cephco expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome, asserting that he had been cheated.


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