TikToker Ug Extra Ibrahim Ssembatya Matia Arrested for Defamation

TikToker Ug Extra alias Ibrahim Ssembatya Matia has been arrested for engaging in defamation

Earlier today, the well-known TikToker, Ibrahim Ssembatya Matia, was apprehended for his involvement in falsely accusation the NRM mobilizer Lumala Twalib.

According to Lumala Twalib, asserts that TikToker Ug Extra had previously falsely accused him of being responsible for the deaths of individuals at Mini Price.

Lumala claims that Ug Extra falsely stated that he had caused the fatalities while driving a yellow NRM vehicle that veered off the road killing a number of people.

He asserts that these allegations were untrue and defamatory, with the intention of tarnishing his reputation.

TikToker Ug Extra Alias Ibrahim Ssembatya Matia

Subsequently, an arrest warrant was obtained, and today, following the court hearing of TikToker 24/7’s case, Ug Extra was apprehended and taken to Central Police Station.

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Lumala is determined to ensure that Ug Extra is brought before the courts of law, setting an example for others.


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