Tuff B boasts about solely popularizing Bebe Cool and his music in Uganda

Renowned media personality and singer, Robert Sekidde, best known as Tuff B, has openly boasted about his contribution to the success of Bebe Cool and the popularity of music in Uganda.

During an interview with NBS TV, Tuff disclosed that, before their personal differences caused a rift between them, he played a significant role in promoting Bebe Cool’s brand and music to the Ugandan audience.

Tuff emphasized that Bebe Cool’s music initially struggled to gain traction in the local market, but through his television shows, he exerted tremendous effort in elevating its visibility.

The media personality expressed no regrets in supporting Bebe Cool’s career, as the Gagamel boss reciprocated the favor by assisting Tuff B in pursuing his musical aspirations.

Bebe Cool

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Unfortunately, their once strong bond eventually deteriorated, and they parted ways on bitter terms, with Tuff B choosing to keep the reasons for their fallout undisclosed.


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