Weasel Manizo announces the dates and venue for the Goodlyfe concert.

The last standing Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo has announced the dates and venue for his upcoming concert.

As a member of the Goodlife crew, Weasel is determined to continue their legacy and honor his late working partner, Mowzey Radio.

Collaborating with events Promoter Nobat Events, Weasel has chosen Hotel Africana in Kampala as the venue for his concert.

This choice holds immense sentimental value for both Weasel and his fans, as it was the very location where they held their first-ever concert, marking the beginning of their remarkable journey in the music industry.

Radio and Weasel

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Mark your calendars for the 9th of August, as this is when the concert will take place. While the entrance fees have not been disclosed yet, stay tuned for further updates from the event management.


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