Weasel Manizo laughs off rumors of being depressed

Weasel Manizo has dismissed rumors suggesting that he is currently struggling with depression.

Ever since the passing of Mowzey Radio, Weasel Manizo has not been the same, as he has been left with a void in his music career.

After several of his videos surfaced on social media, critics claimed that Radio’s death had plunged Weasel into a state of depression and that he needed assistance before it was too late.

However, during an interview, Weasel clarified that he is actually doing fine and that critics often misinterpret his demeanor, as he is usually seen enjoying himself.

The Goodlyfe singer made it clear that someone who is depressed cannot dress and behave like him, as he firmly believes that depressed individuals are already dead, having taken their own lives.

Weasel Manizo

He emphasized that although he sometimes gets emotional due to overwhelming happiness, critics wrongly assume that he is depressed, when in fact they are the ones battling with it.

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Furthermore, Weasel stated that he is a happily married man with a content family, and there is no way he could be experiencing depression.


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