Why Alien Skin and Fik Gaza Cliques Fought at Zzina Awards 2024 Before Police Intervened | VIDEO


The Zzina Awards, hosted by Galaxy FM on 08 February 2024, were meant to celebrate the exceptional performers of 2023.

However, midway through the awarding event, chaos erupted at the IUEA Auditorium in Kansanga when a physical altercation broke out between the rival factions of Fangone and the Gaza empire.

It is widely believed that the two cliques hold deep-seated animosity towards each other, and in an attempt to coexist under one roof at the Zzina Awards, a conflict erupted resulting in several individuals being struck before Alien Skin’s team resorted to using pepper spray to protect themselves from the furious Gaza empire.

The police swiftly intervened to restore order, leading to a temporary halt in the awarding ceremony.

Fik Gaza

Both groups were then briefed by the police to maintain peace before the event resumed.

Despite the break, it was discovered that the two factions had planned to continue their fight after the ceremony.

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To prevent further conflict, the police ensured that they were escorted out of the vicinity and returned to their respective camps.

Have a look at the video below;


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