Why Alien Skin Burn One Of His Cars To Ashes


Over the weekend, singer Alien Skin made the surprising decision to set one of his cars on fire, leaving many of his fans puzzled as to why he would do such a thing.

However, a close acquaintance of the singer revealed that the car had been plagued with numerous mechanical problems, which ultimately led to his frustration and anger.

On the day of the incident, Alien Skin had just taken the car to be repaired for an engine issue, only to have it break down again later in the evening during his journey.

This infuriated him, prompting him to ask his colleagues to salvage any usable parts from the car, such as doors, tyres, and seats.

With his colleagues by his side, Alien Skin then proceeded to set the car ablaze, watching as it turned to ashes while receiving cheers from his companions.

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At that moment, Alien Skin felt a sense of liberation, as if he had shed the burdens that had weighed him down for far too long.

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