Why Alien Skin waged a verbal war on Bobi Wine

Fangone Forest boss and singer Alien Skin waged a verbal war on fellow singer and politician Bobi Wine.

Yesterday, Bobi Wine via his socials while captioning Spire’s cartoon expressed his dissatisfaction with the sickening government’s double standards.

He revealed that while their party people are hounded every day, abducted, arrested, and tortured for putting on the #PeoplePower attire, those who subscribe to the ruling government are left to put on real military uniforms without consequence and many times, they are even given state security.

Being one of the individuals who regularly wear military uniforms, this left Alien Skin with a sour taste in his mouth, as he took to a TikTok live broadcast to vent his frustration with the NUP political party leader.

Alien Skin stressed that he can only refrain from responding to Bobi Wine’s followers, however, he is willing to criticize Bobi Wine himself to correct him where he goes wrong.

Bobi Wine

He urged him to focus on his political ambitions and stop criticizing fellow musicians. Additionally, Alien Skin revealed that he has challenged foreign musicians in Uganda, however, Bobi Wine has failed to fulfill his ambitions of becoming a president much to their disappointment.

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Alien went on to note that he is ready to go bare knuckles with whoever wages war on his Fangone Forest music camp, before explaining that he has regularly given respect to people like Bobi Wine but they have failed to reciprocate the same level of respect for themselves.


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