Why Grenade Official Was Arrested at Fik Fameica's Concert


Renowned singer Grenade officially born Ndugwa Deus was last night arrested after his electrifying performance at Fik Fameica’s concert.

The atmosphere quickly shifted from celebration to chaos as a group of police officers swiftly apprehended Grenade, leaving the audience in shock and confusion.

Without any warning, Grenade was whisked away to an undisclosed location, where he was detained for further questioning.

The suddenness of his arrest left fans and industry insiders puzzled, as they eagerly awaited an explanation for this unexpected turn of events.

While the exact reason for Grenade Official’s arrest remains shrouded in mystery, speculations have emerged linking it to a past altercation with fellow singer Rickman Manrick.

Grenade Official

Last year, the two artists were involved in a heated confrontation that resulted in Rickman sustaining multiple injuries. This incident had caused Grenade to retreat from the public eye, reducing his public appearances significantly.

The timing of Grenade’s arrest, coinciding with his performance at Fik Fameica’s concert, has raised eyebrows and led to speculation that authorities may have been waiting for the opportune moment to apprehend him.

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It is unclear whether the arrest is directly related to the altercation with Rickman or if there are other underlying factors at play.


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