Why Jennifer Full Figure Opposes Her Body Being Taken to the National Theater Upon Her Death – Exclusive Bizz


Jennifer Full Figure has expressed her strong opposition to having her body taken to the National Theater when she passes away.

In Uganda, the National Theatre acts as the main location for the ultimate farewells of artistic individuals. It is here that their fans and loved ones gather to pay their last respects before the deceased are laid to rest in their designated burial sites.

However, Jennifer Full Figure was dissatisfied with the way mourning sessions were conducted at the theatre.

She believes that the bodies taken there are not given the respect they deserve, as many individuals engage in unnecessary discussions during such solemn occasions.

Full Figure also expressed her concern about content creators surrounding the bodies and capturing and sharing unnecessary photos on social media platforms.

Jenifer Full Figure

In light of these concerns, Full Figure firmly stated that when she passes away, she wishes for her body to be taken to her home.

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This way, her family, friends, and relatives can mourn her in a more intimate and comfortable setting.

Full Figure made the revelation during late singer Adam Mulwana’s vigil yesterday night at the National Theatre in Kampala.


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