Why You Should Not Miss The Jameson Mapenzi Edition


Imagine this: A delightful afternoon-to-evening affair at the Design Hub-Industrial area this Saturday, 24th February 2024, where you can enjoy laughter and games with your friends. This event goes beyond mere entertainment; it aims to cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie, connection, and the chance to expand your social circle while making unforgettable memories. Welcome to the Jameson Mapenzi Edition

This is not your ordinary event; it is a unique setting crafted with your pleasure, rekindling friendships, having a fantastic time, and socializing in mind. Whether you are a social butterfly or someone seeking to meet new people in a relaxed environment, this event caters to everyone.

Reasons why you cannot afford to miss it

The Jameson Mapenzi Edition is not just about entertainment; it is about forging connections and forming friendships. From engaging in giant Jenga and chess to playing Fooseball and cards, or even challenging your friends to a game of pool or video gaming, there are numerous indoor activities to break the ice and spark conversations.

Free Haircuts and Delectable Food: Who doesn’t appreciate a complimentary haircut? At the Jameson Mapenzi Edition, you can freshen up your appearance with a skilful barber’s trim. And let’s not forget the mouth-watering offerings from the meat guy, ensuring you stay energized throughout the event.

Complimentary Cocktails: With every ticket purchase, you will be treated to a delightful Jameson cocktail to accompany your experience.

Expand Your Social Circle: In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to meet new people beyond your usual social circle. This event presents the perfect opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals and broaden your network of friends.

Jameson Mapenzi Edition

Create Everlasting Memories: With a plethora of activities and experiences available, the Jameson Mapenzi Edition guarantees to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are engaging in a friendly video gaming competition or trying your luck at speed dating, every moment is an opportunity for laughter and connection.

Experience a complimentary haircut and delectable food at the Jameson Friends Edition. Our skilled barber will give you a fresh look while the meat guy serves mouth-watering dishes to keep you energized throughout the event.

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Embrace a casual and relaxed dress code at the Jameson Mapenzi Edition. Leave your formal wear behind and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with no pressure.

Enjoy live performances by Elijah Kitaka, Hibotep, Akeine, Dj Kasbaby, Dj KashPro, Dj Alza, Dj Tony, Adele Kiene, and Viana Indi. Save the date for the Jameson Friends Edition to bond, connect, expand your social circle, and create lasting memories.

Limited tickets are now available at www.tagtickketing.com for only 20,000 UGX or by dialing *165*98# on MTN MOMO. Don’t miss this opportunity to kick off the year with friends, music, and a complimentary cocktail.

“Jameson and Friends” is presented by Talent Africa Group, a leading event management company committed to delivering exceptional experiences, in partnership with Safe Boda and Jameson.


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