Ykee Benda expresses respect for Bobi Wine, refutes wishing him death

Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda has openly shown his admiration and respect for fellow singer Bobi Wine, also known as Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

Recently, Ykee Benda stated that for the Ugandan music industry to thrive, certain individuals had to step aside to make room for progress.

Some critics quickly suggested that Ykee Benda was indirectly hinting at Bobi Wine and wishing harm upon him.

Nevertheless, Ykee Benda clarified in response to one of the critics on TikTok that he harbors no negative intentions towards Bobi Wine.

Ykee Benda

He clarified that his remarks were aimed at fellow musicians, entertainment journalists, DJs, and promoters, and were not meant to be taken seriously when he mentioned the need for certain individuals in the industry to step aside to allow for growth.

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“Greetings my sister Sarah….I have seen your video and thought you spoke so well and you were respectful so allow me also with respect to reply you…..please please my sister stop putting an important man like Bobi in musicians drama….Mukulu Bobi Wine used to be one of us but now he’s a politician. Nze nga Benda when I speak about our struggles as an industry and what’s blocking our growth, am speaking to fellow musicians, entertainment journalists, Djs and promoters…..those are the people I was talking about……and lastly it wasn’t even that serious mbu I wish anyone death just mwana some people in our industry don’t care about the music so they frustrate us….Otherwise God bless you my dear..I haven’t not come out to explain myself because sometimes even if you explain some people already made up their minds to build hate towards nothing can change them.”


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