Zafaran drops a tear sharing the emotional stress her family’s mistreatment had on her

Swangz Avenue singer Zafaran born Josephine Nakyoonyi has shared her personal experiences regarding her family dynamics.

During an interview with Ruth Kalibbala on YouTube, Zafaran opened up about the mistreatment she faced within her own family.

She revealed that she was not favored by her parents, which resulted in constant criticism for actions she had never committed.

Furthermore, the “Otulo” singer expressed the heartbreak she experienced when one of her sisters, with whom she had a strong and unbreakable bond, suddenly distanced herself from her without any clear explanation.

The singer disclosed that she had always been there for her sister, offering support through thick and thin.


However, one day, her sister abruptly ceased all communication, refusing to answer her calls or respond to her messages.

This sudden disconnection deeply concerns Zafaran, as she genuinely desires to reconcile and mend their relationship, if possible.

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Zafaran’s candid revelations shed light on the complexities of family dynamics and the emotional toll it can take on individuals.

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