Zahara Totto Allegedly Suspended from Next Media | Alcohol-Related Misconduct


Zahara Totto Reportedly Suspended From Next Media’s Sanyuka TV Over Alcohol-Related Misconduct

Renowned media personality and DJ Zahara Totto has allegedly been suspended from Next Media‘s Sanyuka TV due to her lack of discipline.

According to sources, Zahara Totto has repeatedly shown up for work under the influence of alcohol, which is a clear violation of the company’s policies.

In addition to her alcohol-related misconduct, Zahara Totto’s behaviour during a recent episode of the Uncut gossip show has further tarnished her reputation.

Witnesses claim that she verbally abused the show’s producer, resulting in the premature conclusion of the episode, displaying a complete lack of respect and professionalism.

Such behaviour is unacceptable in any workplace, let alone in the media industry where maintaining a positive image is crucial.

Zahara Totto

The duration of her suspension remains unknown, leaving fans and colleagues curious about the future of her career.

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However, there are speculations that she may have chosen to resign after receiving multiple warning letters from the company.


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