Zahara Totto Expresses Regret Over Giving Birth at a Young Age and Urges Women to Avoid the Same Mistake


Renowned media personality and DJ Zahara Totto has expressed her regret over giving birth at a young age.

She strongly advises young women against rushing into motherhood, emphasizing that there are still men out there who are willing to marry them.

Zahara Totto believes that women should take their time and not be deceived by love into getting married and having children at a young age.

She points out that many women face numerous challenges after becoming pregnant, such as being abandoned by their partners, which can have severe mental and emotional consequences.

Additionally, some women find themselves without a job and lose touch with their friends, as they prioritize their relationships with men.

Zahara Totto

In light of these experiences, Zahara Totto urges women to carefully choose the right partner before deciding to have children.

She believes that women have the ability to discern who the right man is, but this requires patience and a thorough understanding of their own needs and desires.

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Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of women progressing through different stages of life, which she believes would save them from getting involved with younger men when they are already in their older years.


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