Zari Hassan Hits Back At Zahara Totto, Brands Her a Bedwetter and Irresponsible Mother


In a fiery clapback, Zari Hassan did not hold back in her response to Zahara Totto, calling her a bedwetter and an irresponsible mother.

The feud between the two celebrities escalated after Zahara Totto during an interview recently made some comments about Zari dating younger men compared to her age.

Zari did not take the insults lightly and hit back with a scathing attack on Zahara, questioning her credibility as a mother and bringing up the embarrassing fact that Zahara used to wet the bed.

Zari also criticized Zahara for her reckless behaviour and lack of responsibility towards her children.

Zari Hassan

This response seemingly indicates that Zari is not interested in stooping to Zahara’s level and engaging in a public argument.

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The public feud between the two celebrities has sparked a heated debate on social media, with fans taking sides and expressing their opinions on the matter.


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