Zari Hassan Urges Slay Queens to Prioritize Hard Work Over Relying on Others to Live Fancy Lifestyles


Renowned socialite Zari Hassan has taken the initiative to encourage slay queens to prioritize saving money and putting in hard work.

In a video, Zari Hassan emphasizes that it is illogical for slay queens to spend a significant amount of money, ranging from Ugx 500K to 1M, on expensive wigs without a visible source of income.

Zari advises them to reconsider their choices and instead invest in businesses such as charcoal selling, which can generate income and improve their lives.

She believes that it is more sensible for these slay queens to focus on their entrepreneurial endeavours, as this will earn them respect for their dedication and efforts.

Zari Hassan

Zari acknowledges that her wealth did not come on a silver platter, as she had to work as a house help in the US and even in a sandwich factory, despite her beauty.

The self-proclaimed boss lady also addresses claims that her wealth is solely inherited from her late husband Ivan Ssemnwaga. She clarifies that they started their businesses from scratch with each other’s support.

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Zari firmly asserts that her hard work and determination have played a crucial role in preserving Ivan Ssemwanga’s investments. Without her relentless efforts, his investments would not have thrived as they do today.


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