Zuchu Announces Break Up With Diamond Platnumz Over Disrespect


For several years, Tanzanian singers Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have been in a romantic relationship and have been severally spotted merry-making at various social spots both within and outside Tanzania.

Nevertheless, similar to Diamond Platnumz’s previous failed relationships, his love affair with Zuchu has now come to an end if we are to go by the latter’s recent statement on Instagram.

In the statement, Zuchu stated that after careful consideration, she has decided to end her relationship with Diamond with lack of respect being the main reason for their breakup.

Despite acknowledging that leaving someone you love is a difficult decision, she felt it was necessary.

She is optimistic that this will signify the start of a fresh chapter since mutual respect plays a crucial role in any relationship.

Zuchu, Diamond Platnumz

Zuchu also mentioned that their break up will not affect their work relationship as they will continue to work together before wishing Diamond and his family all the best.

Furthermore, Zuchu addmited to have had a good time with Diamond, but she believes that this is not a sustainable way of living.

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She pointed out that this year, she learned to say no to things that do not bring her joy, and after realizing this, she is looking forward to starting a new chapter filled with happiness, freedom, and peace.


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