Zuena Kirema’s Heartfelt Message Ahead of Daughter Beata Ssali’s Prom Party | PHOTOS

Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema’s daughter Beata Ssali is currently gearing up to attend her Prom celebration at Gayaza High School.

The Prom is a traditional event that usually takes place towards the end of the high school year.

During this occasion, students dress up in their preferred outfits to make an impression on others and to feel comfortable throughout the event.

It is at the Prom where students display their unique fashion sense and arrive in stylish vehicles before bidding farewell to their high school education.

At a Prom, a “prom king” and a “prom queen” are typically announced, selected from the best-dressed participants.

Moreover, students often secure Prom dates to enjoy the event in the company of the opposite sex.

Beata Ssali

Currently, Beata Ssali, the daughter of Zuena and Bebe, is beaming with delight as she flaunts one of her elegant outfits.

Her mother couldn’t contain her excitement and took to social media to shower her daughter with compliments for her outstanding fashion choice.

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“My Princess
I can’t believe the little girl that I once held in my arms is now going to Prom. The little girl who always wanted to sleep in mummy’s bed whenever Papa was away, the little girl who always wanted to swim on mama’s back.
Where did time go?
And for the height. we all know you’re taller than me, case closed.
Mama loves you my forever Princess.”

Have a look at Beata Ssali’s prom photos below;

Beata Ssali


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